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Big Picture Love Stories Podcast

May 18, 2021

Understanding what Love REALLY is can help us avoid a power struggle, resistance or defensiveness. If you want to have a happy and loving relationship, Brett Williams says first know how to love yourself, give love, and achieve happiness.

Mr. Williams answers our biggest challenges in relationships. He gets honest and vulnerable about the positive and negative relationships that influenced him to rethink happiness.

In this powerful final episode of the season, you'll learn:

-What Love is and how to make it grow

-How to stop the power struggle

-The #1 rule for couples (because we all have bad days!)

-How to identify if you're codependent

-A husband's job

-Why the pursuit of happiness can make you very unhappy

-About Brett's nonprofit, Gathering of Good People (free online support groups)

-Brett's Big Picture: 3 Secret Ingredients That Makes Us Who We Are

Brett Williams, LMFT, is author to several books including: You Can Be Right Or You Can Be Married—Love Based Solutions for Couples, Xaler and the Dragon—Tools for the Fearful and Anxious Child. And a new book on the way, Rethinking Happiness.

If you—or someone you know—face some romantic struggles, listen to this now.

You can visit his website at: