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Big Picture Love Stories Podcast

May 4, 2021

Leave or stay in a miserable relationship. Those are usually the only options that couples consider. But, there IS a Third Option, where you can create a happy and loving relationship. Ken Morris, Relationship Educator since 1993, teaches a class you can join any Tuesday through Zoom.

This class teaches 14 topics and meets every Tuesday night. Visit here to register now:

In this episode, we get into:

01:55 How Lucy & Alfred met Ken & Irma

02:26 Why Ken is passionate about helping couples

03:15 Ken & Irma's rocky time

05:45 Making Naomi guess some of the 14 topics of The Third Option

07:23 The full list of the 14 topics

10:40 Ken's favorite topic

12:54 Naomi shares her experience as a hair dresser

14:03 Ken puts himself in Naomi's shoes and speaks as if he were her

18:13 Ken shares his 3 most poignant relationships (make sure you have a tissue!)

28:55 Ken talks about men crying

31:26 Ken's Big Picture message to couples hurting with children